General Course Descriptions for Terms: tax

742 - Taxation I

771 - Estate & Gift Tax (2nd half of term: GIE Session)

772 - Use of Trusts in Estate Planning

This course studies the use of Trusts from the perspective of both the drafting attorney and the Trustee who administers a Trust. We will analyze hypothetical estate planning situations, explore issues that frequently arise in the administration of Trusts, and discuss drafting solutions to address such issues. We will also study the role of a Trustee as a fiduciary and conflicts attorneys may face when representing settlors, fiduciaries and beneficiaries. Limit: 18 students; T&E I required. Learning Outcomes – By the end of this course, students should: 1. Understand the purposes, advantages and disadvantages of basic Trusts in estate planning. 2. Possess a general understanding of how income, estate and gift tax impact Trust drafting. 3. Understand how Trusts interact with other estate planning documents. 4. Understand the duties and powers of a Trustee. 5. Identify and analyze ambiguities in Trust language. 6. Identify how to modify or terminate a Trust.

840 - Taxation II

868 - State & Local Taxation

870 - International Tax

940 - Tax Research & Writing

This course will introduce the students to tax research techniques, tax memo writing, and writing client letters. Students will become familiar with resources that are helpful when conducting tax research. Students will also learn about special terminology used in tax opinions to indicate different levels of confidence in the conclusions reached. During the semester, students will draft memos and client letters for two main assignments that require them to research and address various tax questions (and receive feedback to use when revising their drafts). In addition, during the semester students will complete various shorter exercises to gain experience with researching and summarizing applicable tax law.

950 - Business, Tax & Compliance Colloquium

Description: This is a course that will meet several times throughout the semester to hear guest speakers present new research on topics relating to business law, tax law, and compliance. Students will meet with business and tax faculty before each session to talk about the research and about new developments in these areas. No prerequisite; pass/fail only grading; grade based on short response papers (does not meet upper-level writing req.).