General Course Descriptions for Terms: family law:

822 - Family Law: Marriage & Divorce

Family Law: Marriage and Divorce is a survey course that introduces students to the fundamental concepts of family law. The covered topics include competing conceptions of the family, marriage and its alternatives, including cohabitation,divorce and consequences of dissolution, including property, maintenance, child custody and child support. Although the course uses materials from a variety of jurisdictions, students are also exposed to Wisconsin laws, cases and materials to gain familiarity with this state's treatment of family law issues. A 4th credit (Law 950) is available for interested students: enrolling for the additional credit entails completing two short (5-page) writing exercises.

823 - Family Law: Parent & Child

939 - Sel Prob Family Law: Adoption Law & Policy

Adoption Law & Policy (Law 939) is a 3-credit in-person course. This course meets for one 2- hour class period each week over the spring semester and carries the expectation that students will work on course learning activities (reading, writing, assignments, studying, etc.) for at least about 4 hours out of classroom for every class period. Overall, the 3-credit standard for this course is met by an expectation of a total of 135 hours of student engagement with the course’s learning activities (at least 45 hours per credit), which include regularly scheduled class meeting times, reading, writing, and other assignments. This course addresses adoption law and policy in the United States. Topics include: (1) an overview of the history of adoption law and current trends in adoption policy and practice; (2) the adoption process including an examination of the differences between agency and independent adoption, the form, timing and revocability of parental consent to adoption, the selection of adoptive parents and stepparent adoption; (3) parental rights of nonmarital fathers; (4) adoption by gay and lesbian parents; (5) transracial adoption; (6) adoption of Native American children and the Indian Child Welfare Act; (7) open adoption practice; (8) international adoption; (9) and government law and policy on the adoption of children from foster care. Course requirements include engaged, consistent and constructive class participation, serving as class discussion leader and drafting Commentaries and Discussion Questions, and completion of a research paper. This course offers a discussion-based examination of the readings in which regular class attendance and participation is absolutely crucial.

950 - Family Law: Marriage & Divorce Module

This 1-credit module is available for students enrolled in Prof. Brito's Family Law: Marriage & Divorce in same semester. The module entails completing two short (5-page) writing exercises.