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Dawson, Thomas
Kent, Paul

Course Data

Room 3226
TR 5:40pm-7:00pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

The objective of the Environmental Law & Practice course is to present an overview of major environmental statutes, cases, and regulations, and their implementation. The course will provide a survey of substantive environmental law including: Environmental Impact Analysis; Water and Groundwater; Solid and Hazardous Waste; Hazardous Substance Management and Remediation; Clean Air Act. The course will conclude with an application of these laws in permitting, commercial transactions and enforcement.

Note: Despite any indication in the University databases, there is NO pre-requisite for this course.

By the end of the course, student should:

• Have been presented with, and learn the key elements of major federal and state environmental statutes, cases, and regulations, and their implementation, including:
o Environmental Administrative and Judicial Process
o Common Law Torts
o Environmental Impact Analysis
o Surface Water and Groundwater
o Solid and Hazardous Waste
o Hazardous Substance Management and Remediation
o Air Pollution Control
o Enforcement and Local Regulation
o Applicable Constitutional Issues
• Acquire a fundamental understanding of the application, consequences, and relationships of these laws in permitting, regulation, commercial transactions, and enforcement.
• Understand and strategically apply legal procedures for implementing applicable laws to achieve proper objectives.
• Learn enforcement considerations and problem-solving techniques to help clients avoid or minimize legal consequences of proposed development or enforcement actions.
• Be able to demonstrate in the final written examination how to analyze realistic factual situations, identify applicable environmental laws and issues, and apply those laws to the facts to determine likely legal outcomes and problem-solving strategies.
• Benefit from shared instruction and perspectives of a government and private attorney in order to graduate with a much better understanding of the actual practice of environmental law and how to provide the best legal advice to clients in your legal practice.

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