Categories: Environmental Law Administrative and Regulatory Law


Tai, Steph

Course Data

Room 3226
W 3:30pm-5:30pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

Trade tariffs, fecal water pollution, and migrant workers’ rights: these are all issues that have been in the news this year. A common thread: these issues all affect, and are affected by, aspects of our food system and the laws surrounding this system. This course explores the various legal structures surrounding the governance of our food system; we will cover environmental regulation (or lack thereof), food safety laws, trade laws, and labor laws. Indeed, the structure of our food system is especially in flux during this administration, given the upcoming passage of the Farm Bill, as well as the enactment of various tariffs. We will discuss all of these issues in a structured reading-group fashion, and learn from each other through presentations on your own research projects as well. And depending on student interest, appetizers cooked from locally grown ingredients may also be provided.

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