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Room 3261
R 1:10pm-3:10pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

More information about the Neighborhood Law Clinic is available here:

For further information or any questions about the program, please contact the Neighborhood Law Clinic faculty director, Mitch by email at

*Information about clinical credits (and other general clinical information) is available here:

Q: Why are there are no grades listed under the Past Grade Distributions link?
A: Because the program is offered only as Pass/Fail.


1a. Students will be able to identify, understand, and apply substantive and procedural rental housing and employment laws.

2a. Students will be able to examine a set of facts, distinguish the various legal and non-legal issues, research them, and prioritize the issues in oral reports and written memos.

2b. Students will be able to predict (i.e. hypothesize and visualize) how the various options which clients could take might be handled by the client, and responded to by the opposing party.

2c. Students will be able to evaluate the various options, estimate the pros and cons, explain these, and recommend a course(s) of action that the could be taken.

3a. Students will be able to develop and refine their own personal definition of what it means to be a professional incorporating the rules of professional conduct and their personal values.

4a. Students will be able to competently and ethically interview and counsel clients.

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