Categories: Administrative and Regulatory Law Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Economic Regulation


Carstensen, Peter

Course Data

Room 3226
TR 2:40pm-4:00pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

This course provides a survey of American antitrust law. The primary focus is on the Sherman Act and Clayton Act provisions regulating restraints of trade, monopoly, and merger. Brief attention is given to the separate powers of the Federal Trade Commission and to the relationship of antitrust law to intellectual property rights. In addition, there will be some presentation of the antitrust law of other countries. Time permitting, there will also be a brief introduction of the Robinson-Patman Act.

Learning Outcomes - By the end of the semester students will:
1. appreciate the relevance of basic economic analysis of market conduct, structure and incentives
2. understand and apply the ancillary restraint concept
3. have a basic understanding of the different frameworks within which antitrust analysis is done
4. be able to do a basic written analysis of a competitive problem applying one or more analytic frameworks

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