Categories: Administrative and Regulatory Law


Ohnesorge, John

Course Data

Room 3247
W 3:30pm-5:30pm

Pass/Fail: No

Course Description

This seminar will provide students with a multi-dimensional introduction to the ubiquitous phenomenon of compliance. We will begin by exploring foundational issues, such as the many sources of compliance demands in today’s society, as well as the complexities that arise when institutions, public or private, are subject to these demands. We will then turn to specific applied topics such as the role of law firms in supplying compliance services, the Justice Department’s fluctuating policies with respect to prosecuting corporate wrongdoing, or the system for certifying organic food production. Students will complete substantial writing assignments on compliance topics of their choosing, and these may take the form of either research memos or scholarly essays. The final sessions of the class will be devoted to student presentations of their research.

Biz Orgs I and Administrative Law are highly recommended, either in advance or concurrently with this seminar

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