Churchill, Abby

Course Data

Room 5229
R 4:35pm-6:35pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Past Grade Distributions (Fall '22 and onward)
Fall 2022

Course Description


This course will explore the unique legal issues impacting the LGBTQ+ community. Legal frameworks surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity are among the most dynamic and rapidly evolving in all of law. We will focus on those areas in which we are currently witnessing history being made.

Con Law I strongly recommended; but can take Con Law I concurrently.

Learning Outcomes:

This course is designed to:

1. Familiarize you with the basic knowledge of sexual orientation, gender identity, and the law, along with subject matter areas relevant to various aspects of LGBTQ+ life and the primary legal doctrine most relevant in that area.

2. Help you achieve a general understanding of how to apply what is learned about each subject matter area and its respective legal doctrines so that you can confidently work with LGBTQ+ clients.

3. Help you cultivate ways to communicate the changes we are currently seeing to non-lawyers.

4. Give you keen insight into jurisprudence as it is rapidly-evolving before our very eyes, and facilitate consideration about what the next 5 years may look like for the LGBTQ+ community.

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