Categories: International and Comparative Law Environmental Law

Course Description

We have now entered the geological epoch called the Anthropocene in which human beings have become the major player in affecting the global environment. The unabated quest for economic development and the over-exploitation of natural resources have given rise environmental degradation and created new environmental problems such as ozone depletion, climate change and disposal of hazardous waste which have repercussions for the health of people and the planet. This seminar will discuss the root causes of global environmental problems, the international legal framework and principles, and the role of sustainable development in addressing these environmental issues. It will discuss specific international environmental issues such as biodiversity, movement of hazardous waste, climate change and international trade as well as governance mechanisms, the role of non-state actors and dispute resolution.

Learning outcomes - Upon completion of this course, the students would have acquired:
1. An understanding of the role of international law in protecting the global environment;
2. Knowledge of existing international mechanisms and law in protecting different segments of the environment;
3. An understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental protection and linkages with issues such as economic development, poverty, trade and investment, and socio-economic rights
4. Knowledge of the role of sustainable development in addressing intersecting issues.

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