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Wisconsin Law Review is a journal of legal analysis and commentary. The journal produces six issues a year. Currently about 1,400 subscribers receive the journal. Wisconsin Law Review ranks among the top twenty law reviews nationwide. Student members of Law Review select and edit the articles and participate in every stage of the publication process.

Students interested in joining Wisconsin Law Review must take part in a write-on competition that occurs at the end of the first year. Students who have completed twenty-four graded credits and both semesters of Legal Writing are eligible to participate in the competition. Law Review distributes the write-on packets on the last day of the spring semester final examinations, and students have about one week to complete the packets. Members of Law Review's rising 3L class analyze and grade the packets, and up to forty students receive invitations to join Law Review. The journal also conducts a fall semester write-on competition for transfer students, graduate law candidates, and other students in special circumstances. Students interested in the fall write-on process should contact the Senior Note and Comment Editor in the spring preceding the fall competiton.

Wisconsin Law Review remains committed to achieving a membership that reflects the diversity of the Law School community. The journal implements an affirmative action program in its membership selection process. Wisconsin Law Review gives serious consideration to the racial and ethnic background of applicants and to any other circumstances of an applicant's background that reflect unusual hardship. Students wishing to participate in this program have the opportunity to request consideration when submitting their write-on packets.

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