Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Practice Skills

Course Description

This section of Trial Advocacy is being refashioned into a more practical course. The focus will be on skills you will need in a litigation practice to prepare and to try a case. These include: case intake analysis, interviewing skills, discovery creation and responses, depositions, mediation, trial preparation, and trial presentation. In all phases, the focus will be on strategic considerations and practical materials that will help the student in any litigation practice after graduation.

Learning Outcomes – By the end of this course, students should:
1. Begin viewing developments in litigation from a strategic perspective;
2. Understand the stages of the case and opportunities for strategic advocacy each presents;
3. Be able to strategically employ checklists at each important stage of litigation;
4. Develop questioning skills;
5. Gain confidence in public speaking;
6. Master cross-examination techniques of “boxing in” and “exhausting.”

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