Categories: Law Practice Skills Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Kasieta, Robert

Course Data

Room 3260
W 5:40pm-7:40pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

This three credit seminar teaches the important skills that lawyers use up until the time of trial. Since the vast majority of cases settle before trial, a lawyer's success has at least as much to do with mastery of the nuts and bolts of pre-trial advocacy as courtroom prowess. The seminar will use a simulation approach to cover skills that include:

* Interviewing and counseling clients.

* Drafting a complaint.

* Drafting interrogatories and responses to interrogatories.

* Taking and defending depositions.

* Drafting a pre-trial memorandum.

* Participating in a mediation conference.

Students will receive immediate feedback from the instructors on the in-class simulations. Second and third year students are eligible. This course is being offered on a pass/fail basis.

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