Categories: International and Comparative Law Economic Regulation


Ibele, Erik

Course Data

Room 3250
MW 5:40pm-7:00pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

This course will provide you with a basic, largely non-technical overview of two of the ways in which corporations engage in international business transactions. The first half focuses on transactions involving the international sale of goods. We will closely examine the mechanics of the international sales transaction and the legal framework supporting such transactions, including, in particular, the relevant rules of contract law, such as the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). We will also study the most important way in which international sales transactions are financed??"through letters of credit. In the second half we will analyze a much more ambitious mode of participation in the global economy: foreign direct investment, focusing in particular on the case of China. Finally, we will end the semester with several sessions on international commercial dispute settlement.

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