Categories: Law Practice Skills Legal Writing


Weigold, Ursula

Course Data

Room 3226
W 1:10pm-3:10pm

Pass/Fail: No

Course Description

Develop and refine your legal writing skills and style in a variety of contexts and documents. Learn how to capture the reader’s attention, organize logically, make tough choices about substance, and edit for maximum impact. Polish your persuasive writing abilities as well. Classes will be hands-on and interactive. Students will evaluate examples of good and bad writing, give and get peer critique, and work in small groups on common writing issues. Students will receive feedback and suggestions for improvement throughout the course. The focus will be on practical methods for achieving clarity, conciseness, precision, and grace. (Enrollment is limited.)

Learning Outcomes - At the end of this course, you will understand how to:
1. Write effectively for different audiences and purposes;
2. Focus the reader’s attention on your most important information;
3. Arrange content logically within a document;
4. Write clearly and concisely at the sentence level;
5. Revise and edit to improve accuracy, word choice, and flow; and
6. Present information persuasively, within the ethical bounds of professional practice.

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