Categories: Intellectual Property


Glazer, Jeffrey

Course Data

Room 2225
MW 10:30am-11:50am

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

This course investigates the use of identifiers of the source and origin of production and services. This course will look at the state, federal, and sometimes international laws that govern the use of trademarks, service marks, logos, icons, slogans, trade dress, product design, domain names, phone numbers, and geographic indicators to develop both an understanding of the competing theoretical rationales for protection of trade symbols, a knowledge of the mechanics of the federal and state laws concerning such symbols, and even a few handy practice skills for searching and applying for trademarks. The course studies the interests of, and conflicts between, (1) consumers of products and services, (2) established producers of those products and services, (3) those who wish to compete with the established producers, and (4) consumers, products, and the cultural context in which they are released.

Learning Outcomes - Upon completion of this course, it is intended that the students will have learned:

1. The law of branding, i.e., the indication of source or origin of goods and services, as applied in a complex commercial environment;
2. A familiarity with US trademark office procedures and resources available to trademark registrants;
3. An understanding of the relationship between trademarks and other types of intellectual property and other bodies of law such as the First Amendment;
4. An understanding of trademark law in the context of unfair competition law.

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