Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Real Estate, Land Use, and Community Law


Viney, Gretchen

Course Data

Room 5240 (alternating in-person attendance)
MW 8:20am-10:20am

Pass/Fail: Yes

Course Description

Real Estate 1 focuses on the basic principles of real estate transfer and finance as encountered in law practice. The course emphasizes application of these principles to problems encountered by clients. Although the course centers on residential real estate transactions, it provides the base of information necessary for any type of real estate practice. The course highlights the essential legal theories underlying residential real estate transfer and finance, the sources of real estate law, practice tools, the role of the lawyer in real estate transactions, and the broad issues involved in modern real estate practice.

We have multiple learning objectives in the course. Here are four of them:
Upon completion of this class, each student should be able to:
1. Identify, understand, and apply (to practice situations) the essential legal theories and laws underlying the transfer and finance of real estate, through the lens of residential real estate transactions.
2. Appreciate how case law, statutes, rules, and policy intersect in the regulation of real estate conveyancing and financing.
3. Confidently approach a comprehensive contract, understand its context, and apply its provisions to to solve specific problems.
4. Draft simple conditions and other contact provisions to forward a client's interest or to solve a problem.

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