725 Introduction to Criminal Procedure

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
725-001Findley, KeithTR 1030-11505246~
725-002Klingele, CeceliaMW 110-2302260~

854 Clinical Program: Wisconsin Innocence Project

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
854-101Lau, ChristopherF 1000-11303268
854-102Scharrer, JonathanW 930-11002260
854-103Breedlove, TristanKrahn, EllenT 240-400FJRC Conference Room (T)
854-103Breedlove, TristanKrahn, EllenR 240-4003247
854-103Breedlove, TristanKrahn, EllenTR 240-4003250 (first 6 weeks of Term); starting 7th week of term: FJRC Conference Room (T); Rooom 3247 (R)
854-104Stevenson, Adam
854-105Stevenson, Adam
854-114Glinberg, Lanny
854-115Gross, John

860 Adv. Criminal Procedure: Rep. Criminal Appellant

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
860-001Breedlove, TristanKrahn, EllenTR 240-400FJRC Conference Room

862 Legal Assistance to Incarcerated People (LAIP): Parole Advocacy and Sentence Modification

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
862-001Wiercioch, GregF 1030-12003261
862-002Finley, KateR 1100-12003261

915 SP Crim. J. Admin: Federal Criminal Appeals

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
915-001Stevenson, Adam
915-002Klingele, CeceliaM 820-10203247

940 Prosecution Function

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
940-101Glinberg, LannyMW 110-2305240
940-102Gross, JohnMW 110-2305246