725 Introduction to Criminal Procedure

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
725-001O'Leary, RenaghTR 410-530remotely delivered: synchronously (see day/time)
725-002Tobin, L. MichaelMW 900-10205246 (alternating in-person attendance)

731 Constitutional Law I

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
731-001Schwartz, DavidTR 900-1020remotely delivered: synchronously (see day/time)
731-002Braver, JoshuaMW 240-400Lubar; Also remote asynchronously

740 Constitutional Law II

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
740-001Quraishi-Landes, AsifaMW 1030-11505246 (alternating in-person attendance); also remote synchronously (see day/time)
740-002Coleman, FranciskaTR 110-230remotely delivered

904 SP Con Law: Politics & Equality

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
904-001Greene, LindaT 330-530remotely delivered: synchronously (see day/time)

940 Law of Democracy

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
940-008Yablon, RobertMW 900-1020remotely delivered: synchronously (see day/time)
940-010Charo, R. Altaremotely delivered asynchronously