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Course & Section Course Title Call Number Instructor Days Times Location Degree Credits (90 Credit Rule) In-Class Credits (64 Credit Rule)Exp. LearningDip. Priv. 60 Credit RuleYears Final Req. Notes
768-001Clinical Program: Consumer Health Advocacy1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
850-001Professional Responsibilities (AMM session)43010McDermott, M.MW600‑800Online synchronously.33*L2-L3 Canvas quiz 8/17 in class; final take-home exam due by 8/24. Starts 6/1; ends 8/24 PF; meets Professional Responsibilities req.
854-001Clinical Program: Constitutional Litigation, Appeals & Sentencing Project (CLASP) (BJJ session)49198Wright, S.1-71-7Checkmark IconExperiential Learning*L2-L3 Starts 6/6; ends 8/12. PF only; consent/instr.
854-002Clinical Program: Family Court Clinic (FCC)1-31-3*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-003Clinical Program: Consumer Law Clinic (CLC)1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-004Clinical Program: Immigrant Justice Clinic (IJC)1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-005Clinical Program: Law & Entrepreneurship -Patent Work (ZLL session)49193Glazer, J.
von Simson, C.
1-71-7Checkmark IconExperiential Learning*L2-L3 Starts 5/23; ends 8/12. PF only; consent/instr.
854-006Clinical Program: Law & Entrepreneurship1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-007Clinical Program: Prosecution Project1-70*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-008Clinical Program/ Field Placement: Judicial Internship (AJJ session)49196Gratch, A.1-70Checkmark IconExperiential Learning*L2-L3 PF only; consent/instr.
854-009Clinical Program: Oxford Federal Project1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-010Clinical Program: Family Law Project1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-011Clinical Program: Restorative Justice Project1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-012Clinical Program: Wisconsin Innocence Project1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
854-013Clinical Program: Judicial Internship1-70*L2-L3 consent/instr.
862-001Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons (LAIP)1-71-7*L2-L3 consent/instr.
940-001Evidence (AKK session)48066Peterson, K.TR600‑800Online synchronously.333L2-L3 Take-home Exam: August 9 Starts 5/31; ends 8/9. PF; meets Evidence req.
945-001Law & Correctional Institutions33*L2-L3 Remington Center students only; consent/instr.
950-001Federal Appellate Litigation & Practice (BJJ session)49200Wright, S.R215‑315Lubar111L2-L3 Paper Starts 6/6; ends 8/12. No PF; consent of instructor required (CLASP students). LW
990-000Directed Research1-600L2-L3 go to Rm. 5110A to fill out form
991-000Directed Reading1-300L2-L3 go to Rm. 5110A to fill out form
EJI-EJI class00
FJRC-WI Innocence Project00